At TransTech Consulting, Inc., a Blue Horseshoe company, we understand that effective distribution systems are a key factor in the success of any company.  A small glitch in any area not only impacts the distribution itself but also many other areas that relate and can be essential to the distribution.

TransTech Consulting offers you management consulting, industrial engineering, warehouse management system expertise, distribution design and implementation, material handling equipment sales and installation, along with the comprehensive outlook that takes into account all facets of an organization.

transtech management consulting

Mission Statement

TransTech Consulting’s mission is to assist our clients in achieving the most economic and effective logistics in their industry. With our unique experience and supply chain knowledge, along with our clients’ knowledge of their business and customers, we form a team that will deliver supply chain excellence through improved service levels, lower costs, and increased employee satisfaction.


TransTech Consulting is a Management Consulting firm, specializing in distribution design and implementation with the purpose of solving our client’s business problems in the most economical way. We do this by forming a project team with our client’s management to examine current operations, define corporate operational objectives, and design an optimum system. Our experience shows that the most successful systems are those where final operational performance was considered throughout the design process. Since 1983, TransTech has improved profits for clients in over 50 different industries. Our staff is comprised of all senior members with extensive experience in both engineering and business. Our goal is to provide services that exceed our client’s expectations.

TransTech Consulting understands that no two companies’ structures and organizational goals are identical, so we provide customized solutions and services that fit your requirements. We want more than the typical client/consultant relationship; we want a long-term partnership with our clients. We will blend our consultants’ technical and functional expertise and skills with your staff’s business knowledge, creating a collaborative team of equal partners. Our knowledge and expertise will be transferred to your staff through the daily interaction of working together on each step of the project.

Management Team

In business since 1983, our staff of senior level consultants is located in Columbus, Ohio. TransTech does not employ any contract engineers or any engineers with less than five years of business experience. All consultants have been professionally evaluated prior to being offered a position with TransTech to ensure high capabilities for analysis, conceptual thinking, leadership, drive and overall professionalism.

This structure allows us to place the same individuals on a project from concept through implementation. Additionally, TransTech Consulting performs a process of “peer review” on critical milestones of a project. The project team must present, justify and defend their designs prior to presentation to the client’s project team. This form of internal quality control ensures creative and optimal solutions.

When selecting a firm, qualify the team members assigned to your project. Ask about their specific qualifications, ask for their references and interview them to insure a fit with your requirements and team. They will be responsible for the success of your project and have the most impact while working with your internal team.

Philosophy / Principles

  • TransTech only employs experienced distribution consultants. You will not pay to train a consultant with TransTech. In addition, your TransTech team will always include a company principal.
  • TransTech employs a peer review system – other TransTech professionals analyze every concept. This adds an extra level of objectivity and experience to every design.
  • The same TransTech consultants perform all phases of a client project. This insures that important criteria are not compromised in implementation.
  • TransTech makes recommendations that are the most economic for the client – not the newest, trendiest, highest tech, least expensive, easiest to implement, etc.
  • TransTech will lead and assist you through multiple alternatives of your distribution operations in the study and final design process. More than 1 alternative may have a positive ROI, 1 has the highest ROI.
  • Distribution and logistics is an integral part of the supply chain that impacts nearly every aspect of business.
  • At least every 5 years, it is necessary to assess your current business and to take an in-depth look at your markets (business segments and customers), product offerings, growth, supplier/manufacturing sources, outbound location analysis, facilities, equipment, systems, and processes. With the effect of globalization, many businesses should do the process every 3 years.
  • Inventory accuracy is vital to any effective distribution operation. Inventory accuracy is never compromised in our recommendations.
  • Documenting of the current operation is important because in many instances, some of the parties who will be asked to participate in the decision making process do not know the current process.
  • A risk assessment is important in any project.
  • Our experience shows that the most successful systems are those where final operational performance was considered throughout the design process.
  • Our goal is to provide services that exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Equipment manufacturers and distributors will normally find solutions that incorporate use of their equipment and services rather than finding optimal solutions.
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) capabilities should be considered during the operation design process, not after.
  • The most important reason to measure any activity or function is to improve performance.
  • “Low Hanging Fruit” are improvements that can be implemented at any stage of a project, even the discovery stage.
  • The two most important responsibilities of management are:
  1. Get the job done
  2. Improve performance
  • “Benchmarking” is not the objective. “Best practice” is not the objective. “Improvement” is the objective.
  • TransTech treats all client information and data as “nondisclosure” information.