TransTech engages capacity crowd attendance at our presentation outlining Process Review and Operational Savings for PartyLite at the 2011 ProMat International Expo in Chicago!

A capacity crowd of 100 people attended the TransTech sponsored presentation at ProMat with PartyLite.  PartyLite, the world’s largest direct seller of candles, candle holders and home accessories, and TransTech Consulting presented a case study detailing the 18-month project to drive operational savings in a mature distribution environment at the Carol Stream, IL facility.

In June 2009 TransTech was engaged to complete a Feasibility Study and Facility Design for the distribution operations.  Operational since 1998, the 515,000 square foot distribution center had an aging WMS, Material Handling Systems and Processes.  During the initial study the TransTech and PartyLite team developed a number of conceptual process and facility modifications that would generate savings.  Many have been implemented through the past year.

In addition to capitalizing upon the study recommendations, the PartyLite Management Team has developed a corporate culture embracing Lean Concepts and Continuous Improvement.  Viewing their issues and breaking them down into manageable initiatives has created a mindset of creativity that has generated over $2 million in documented savings to the operation.  PartyLite continues to budget over $200,000 in savings year over year due to lean initiatives.

Thanks to all who attended. If you would like a copy of the presentation for your review, please contact Jim Bulter, or View Presentation here>