It is time to make those ideas reality! In the final design phase the strategies and ideas determined feasible in the requirements phase are taken from conceptual plans to final designs. The major objectives are to coordinate all functional areas into a flexible and integrated system and complete final engineering.

A project team is selected to have representation from pertinent functions of the operation and organization. This team will complete multiple iterations of the design to evolve to the optimal solution. Team members are expected to challenge each other to uncover pitfalls in the design. Additionally, creativity is expected at every step to insure maximum results.

All operations will be refined and redundant operations will be eliminated. Flexibility within the design is necessary to support the company’s objectives as it changes, grows and reacts to market conditions.

TransTech brings judgment, creativity and discipline in addition to technical skills to the design process. We find ways to maximize performance, increase customer service, lower costs, and overcome limitations with each new design.

Depending on the scope of the project one or all of the following design processes can be completed.