Blue Horseshoe Solutions and TransTech Consulting have partnered to offer a “Logistics PRO Tune Up” for your operations. Combining our unique abilities and extensive experience with implementing and running Logistics PRO, our team will assess your systems and processes and identify improvement opportunities throughout your operation. Specific areas of review will include:

  • Comprehensive LogPRO
  • Configuration Review
  • Operational Processes from Receiving through Shipping
  • Locating, Picking, and Replenishment Rule Set Analysis
  • Material Handling Equipment Utilization and Integration
  • Order Management / Wave Management
  • Returns / Reverse Logistics Process
  • Transportation Review / Carrier Selection
  • Inventory Analysis (Levels, Movement Class, Profiles)
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Value Added Services
  • Management Reporting
  • Productivity / Labor Utilization
  • System Performance and Tuning
  • Host System Integration Review

Typically lasting two to four weeks, the assessment will begin with our team on-site reviewing the processes, product flow and information flow. We conduct a “behind the scene” review of the LogPRO configuration and request operational data for detailed analysis. Interviews with Management and Supervision will help to identify current issues and areas of concern. A comprehensive evaluation of the operations will be developed and summarized in a report which will identify:

  • Potential systems set-up changes that will drive improved WMS processing efficiencies
  • Review of additional modules or functionality not currently being used that could improve operational and system efficiencies
  • Recommended carrier selection changes to reduce overall transportation costs
  • Viable material handling equipment alternatives to improve operational efficiencies, increase throughput, and expand facility capacity
  • Equipment configuration, utilization and SKU profiling changes to optimize the existing processes
  • Process and methods modifications to improve efficiencies
  • Technical and functional improvements to more tightly and accurately integrate Logistics PRO with other enterprise systems

Blue Horseshoe Solutions and TransTech Consulting, Inc. have been partnering with Manhattan Associates for more than 12 years to improve the top and bottom line, decrease logistics costs and lower total cost of ownership for distribution and manufacturing operations. With extensive application and technical experience and expertise with LogisticsPRO and Manhattan Associates, our team is uniquely qualified to help those companies looking to improve their business processes with Manhattan’s Supply Chain Solutions.