The recognition of a need and definition of a problem are important first steps to establishing a strategy and defining requirements. The proper identification of viable alternatives and ideas requires logical, creative, and lateral thinking. TTC brings this to the table for every project by applying years of experience and a proven methodology.

The strategy/requirements phase involves identifying needs, defining the problem(s), setting objectives, in-dept review of current operations, collection of data, analysis of data, development of conceptual alternatives, and evaluation of alternatives. This is a very complex process consisting of iterative steps to identify and balance the needs of stakeholders, resources and constraints. Also, working towards the most optimal solution requires the involvement of technical, social and economical factors.

TransTech Consulting has refined this process through years of consulting and problem solving to insure comprehensive and thorough identification of alternatives. We understand an iterative process is required to insure the most effective and timely means to the solution.

TransTech Consulting applies this process to a number of requirements services including those listed below.